July 1st, 2012

Math Flueckiger Takes A Podium at World Cup #6 in Windham

Proving that the tough conditions with heat and humidity here on the US East Coast didnít slow him down, Math Flueckiger rode back into his world class form here yesterday when he took to the World Cup podium for the first time this 2012 season. After battling some real lows earlier in the year, the resilient Swiss showed he has what it takes to be at the top of the elite menís field.

After a good start that he was happy with, Math soon joined up with brother Luk in 15th and 16th position heading out onto the first lap after a start in Windhamís downtown. The town had been ravaged by hurricane Irene and after a massive effort to repair the damage and host this event, the organizers decided to start the races in the town centre.

At the end of lap 1 and heading into lap 2 of 6, the brothers had moved up into 9th and 10th and were on the back of the podium group. A lap later they were in 5th and 6th and looking very strong for their best results of the year. Unfortunately on the long climb on this lap, Lukís back started giving him a lot of pain. Considering the massive crash he had a week earlier that gave him severe whiplash and plenty of bruising, it was no surprise that he would suffer physically in some way. It was a huge shame for Luk as the lower half of his body was as strong as ever.

Meanwhile Math continued to race in 5th position, and at one point on the final climb, passed local hero Todd Wells for 4th, but was re-caught on the descent and happily crossed the line to take 5th and yet another podium result for Trek World Racing, making it 44 World Cup podiums for the team in 4 years!

Math said: ďI needed that! I knew going into this race I had great shape and with this heat knew I had to ride a smart race to my own pace just to make it to the finish. Itís good that the race was a little short because another lap here would have been too much for most of us. Iím super happy to be on the podium again and it gives me a good feeling heading into the final part of the season.Ē

Luk said: ďAll was good until the 4th long climb and my back just went bad so quickly. I almost came to a complete stop at the start of the 5th lap thinking I couldnít go on, but points are important so I kept going and started to get some more riders. In reality I was just having to cruise the last lap to get back and Iím happy to salvage something from this, more than 70 points.Ē

The final round of the World Cup will be in Val díIsere (FRA) on July 28.

Full results: http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template1/layout.asp?MenuId=MTYzODg&LangId=1

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