November 8th, 2012

Neko Podiums In First Ever Street Race

Last weekend in Taxco, Mexico, Trek World Racing's Neko Mulally took his Session 9.9 to the steep and unforgiving urban streets and ramps of the infamous Taxco Downhill. Havign never raced an street or urban downhill before, Neko was there to learn as much as he could as well as enjoy the amazing atmosphere the Mexican fans create trackside.

Although intimidating at first, Neko soon tamed the track in practice and then in Round 1 of the 2 round format, Neko went fastest! When it came to 2nd round Neko raced 4 seconds faster than his first run but was pipped for the win by half a second, finishing third.


3 NEKO MULLALY (USA): 3:18.03
4 CHRIS VAN DINE (USA): 3.22.25

Here's how Neko saw the race:

"This race was like nothing I have ever done before. The amount of spectators at the event was unbelievable! It was simply impossible to get from the finish line to the uplift without signing 100 autographs and getting a photo with every little kid in the town. The people were so genuinely excited to have this race in their town. They didn't care who you were or how you did, you were a superstar to them.

The race track was pretty crazy itself! I was more scared of some of the features on that track than most of the World Cup race tracks this season. This was my first urban race and learning how to handle the bike on cobble stones definitely took some time. I got all the lines down and was having such a blast riding the track by the end of practice. They had a best of 2 run format for the final, and after the first race I was sitting in the lead. I had a smooth run under my belt and had an opportunity to take a little more risk in round 2. Everyone was gunning for me and I ended up getting edged out of the lead and into 3rd place. I had a good run, I was on the limit and the tires broke loose on the cobbles a few times, but that's to be expected. In the end I was a little disappointed as I really wanted to stand on the top step, but It made me feel good to know that we made a lot of people's day by racing through their village. We had over 500 postcards to sign at the event and we went through the whole stack with people still lined up to sign anything they had. It was a great weekend."

Big thanks to Maria Jose for organizing Neko's invitation and to Lee Lemus of Trek Mexico for hosting him so well.

Neko leaves for Indonesia on Monday to race the Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge Cup.

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