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Trek World Racing Stories 2.1 // Lourdes 2015 // Downhill World Cup

Added April 21st, 2015

The opening round of the UCI World Cup at the new venue of Lourdes (FRA) provided plenty of action and some mixed results for most teams. Watch our first Episode of Trek World Racing’s STORIES to get a behind the scenes look at Laurie Greenland’s continue podium success, Greg Williamson’s spectacular crash off a road gap bridge, and see how George Brannigan got to meet a French fan, head on. Song: Keep Going (feat. Citizen Kay) Performed by: Brass Knuckle Brass Band
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The Kiwis

Added March 4th, 2015

New Zealand has this ability to produce an incredible number of great sporting champions from their relatively small population. Downhill racing is no exception and on TWR we’re lucky to have two of the very best Kiwis the world has ever seen race bikes down mountains. Watch multi World Cup podium riders Brook MacDonald and George Brannigan hanging out at home, as well as being tough as nails, tearing up trails, all over the world…..this is The Kiwis. Song: Redemption Artist: Red Spektor
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Trek World Racing / The Brits

Added February 5th, 2015

As we head into the 2015 season we look back on the season had by our two British riders, Greg Williamson and Junior Laurie Greenland. ‘The Brits’ both represented their nation at the World Champs where Laurie scored a silver medal, and the comradery between the two is pretty evident. This video also showcases their unique styles on the Trek Session. Song: Hard to Please Artist: Red Spektor
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Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.4

Added September 24th, 2014

Trek World Racing today releases the 4th instalment of STORIES for 2014. The World Championships in Norway will be remembered for many things, but without doubt, Neko Mulally’s chainless run to 4th place will go down in history as a truly remarkable achievement. Hear Neko in his own words after the race, it’s an amazing story. Laurie Greenland takes to the podium twice in this video, once in Méribel for the World Cup finals, and then he takes silver at the World Championships in Junior DH. Brook Macdonald is back firing on all cylinders and takes 5th at the Worlds while Greg Williamson scores yet another Top 10 for the team in World Cup racing. Intro theme: Loop 11 // performed by Cloudkicker Song1: I Ain't Got No // performed by Wolfmother Song 2: Eliass // performed by Audrey Fall
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Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.3

Added August 19th, 2014

Trek World Racing today releases the third instalment of STORIES for 2014. The North American leg of the Mountain Bike World Cup is always full of surprises and comes well into the 2nd half of the season, and in the middle of summer. All of our riders were looking fast at both race venues, and scored some great top ten results both in qualifying and finals. Watch as Brook bounces back from crashing in Canada to a podium in Windham, and the other riders all score great results over the 2 rounds. Intro theme: Small Magellanic Cloud // performed by The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic Song1: Enemy Is In Your Mind // performed by Wolfmother Song 2: Tin Crown // performed by Wag
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Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.2

Added July 3rd, 2014

Trek World Racing today releases the second instalment of STORIES for 2014. Episode 1.2 follows the team as they contest Rounds 3 & 4 in Fort William (SCO) and Leogang (AUT). Watch as the team scores it's first ever Men's DH Double World Cup Podium with Brook and George back on full pace, and Greg makes it 'Fort Williamson' with his best ever result. intro theme: Introduction artist: Songs for Cinema song 1: Feel Good artist: The Barmines song 2: No Control artist: Forty Feet Tall song 3: The Backslide artist: Nathan Norrgran
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Trek Session 650B full carbon

Added June 19th, 2014

Dylan Howes (Trek's Director of MTB Frame Technology) presents the brand new 2014 race Session 650B bike to the riders at Trek World Racing. Song: Underwater Performed by: General Mumble
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Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.1

Added May 14th, 2014

Today sees the release of the first episode for 2014 of Trek World Racing Stories. In Episode 1.1, follow the team as they tackle the opening 2 rounds of the UCI World Cup in Pietermaritzburg (RSA) and Cairns (AUS), visit a local Australian school, and walk away with the team's first podium for the year, also a first for Neko Mulally. intro theme: Elijah artist: Songs for Cinema song 1: How Many Times artist: Wolfmother song 2: Marina Queen artist: Nathan Norrgran
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Trek World Racing Test Track

Added April 10th, 2014

Brook MacDonald on Day 1 of testing on the team's newly purpose built test track in Motril, Spain.
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Added March 10th, 2014

Stepping into a professional race team for the first time in your career is always a big step, but to back that up with your first ever World Cup Top 10 result, well, it's very impressive. Take a quick look back on Greg Williamson's 2013, one full of learning, experiences and amazing riding. Song: Break it Loose Artist: Sun Stone Revolvers Album: Apocalypse Surfin'
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Added February 17th, 2014

In recognition of our brand new National Champion, here's a great edit of George's 2013 season, one where he was recovering from a knee injury in the first half, but throughout the year got closer and closer to the top 10 in World Cup, culminating in a great 7th in qualifying in Norway. If yesterday's New Zealand Nationals are the guide, it's safe to say that George Brannigan, is Back Again. Song: Billy The Kid Performed by Flint Eastwood -
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The Bulldog

Added January 29th, 2014

Even though Brook 'Bulldog' MacDonald's 2013 season was cut short due to his shoulder injury, we can assure you he is amped up and ready to come out flying for the 2014 season. Here's a look at rider and the man that is Bulldog, and some of the many highlights from his 2013 season on the Trek Session. song: When God Comes Back artist: All Them Witches
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Added October 15th, 2013

This Episode of STORIES by Trek World Racing features Neko Mulally and George Brannigan as they race the final two rounds of the UCI World Cup, in Norway and Austria. Both riders have been showing steady progression and improvement all season. Both Neko and George qualify inside the top 10 and put together some great runs to close out the season. Slippery conditions in Norway catch George out as he crashes on a fast run. And will we ever see the sandpaper grip in production?? Music 1: To Those Nights - Trailer Artist: Songs for Cinema Album: To Those Nights Music 2: Mullets Artist: Macaco Bong Album: This is Rolê Music 3: Brainsick Artist: Mystery Skulls Album: Mystery Skulls EP Music 4: Nothing is Possible Artist: The Radiostars Album: Endless Morning
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Added September 12th, 2013

This Episode of STORIES by Trek World Racing features Justin Leov at the 6th round of the Enduro World Series, as well as the Downhill riders in South Africa for the World Championships. Justin has his best race of the season with several top places in the various stages around Val d'Isere, France, proving he can be a real threat in this discipline. In Pietermaritzburg Greg Williamson was super unlucky to break a collarbone in training, while George and Neko went on to take impressive career best top 15 placings. Song 1 - It's inside me, and I'm inside it Artist - Cloudkicker Album - Let Yourself Be Huge Song 2 - Creation Artist - Silk Percussion Album - Silk Percussion - Drum Circle Vol. 1 (SKMR-055) Song 3 - Hell is Calling Artist - Freeky Cleen & Dickey F Album - Breezes Of Old
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Pietermaritzburg mixed cam

Added August 31st, 2013

Take a run down the downhill course in Pietermaritzburg with Brook MacDonald and Neko Mulally.
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Added August 24th, 2013

Watch as all 4 Downhill riders tackle the brand new World Cup course in Andorra, and then tackle the oldest World Cup track on the circuit, Mont-Sainte-Anne. Brook MacDonald has shoulder issues and then the rain in Mont-Sainte-Anne falls mainly on Trek World Racing! Despite some setbacks, the positivity and team cohesion shines through in Episode 0.3 of STORIES. Song 1 - Make Up Artist - Eastern Midwestern Album - Eastern Midwestern Song 2 - Devil Artist - Well Hung Heart Album - Young Enough To Know It All Song 3 - Tristam & Braken - Flight Artist - Monstercat Album - Monstercat 012 - Aftermath Song 4 - The Soundtrack Of Our Summer Artist - The League Album - The Soundtrack Of Your Summer
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Brook MacDonald - A Line Whistler chestycam

Added August 15th, 2013

Take a run down the famous A Line in Whistler with Brook MacDonald
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Mont Sainte Anne Mixed Cam

Added August 11th, 2013

Take a run down the course in MSA with Brook MacDonald, Neko Mulally and Greg Williamson.
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Neko Mulally - Andorra helmetcam

Added July 25th, 2013

Take a run down the track in Andorra with Neko Mulally.
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Added July 10th, 2013

Episode 0.2 of Trek World Racing's new video series STORIES takes in the highs and lows that can be World Cup racing. See Brook MacDonald and Greg Williamson take Top 10 placings at Round 1 in Fort William, then the lows in Italy; having the speed but no luck in Round 2 in hot dusty conditions. Greg celebrates his 21st while the rest of the team make the most of their European time together. Song 1 - Last words Artist - Aviators Album - From All Sides (Deluxe Version) Song 2 - Money Artist - Mystery Skulls Album - Mystery Skulls EP Song 3 - Bulls#!T Artist - Well Hung Heart Album - Young Enough To Know It All Song 4 - Mountain of stone Artist - Freeky Cleen & Dickey F Album - Breezes of old
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Added May 3rd, 2013

Today Trek World Racing is releasing the first episode of its new video series, entitled TREK WORLD RACING STORIES. The first episode is a new beginning for the team and we catch up with Brook MacDonald, Neko Mulally and Greg Williamson as the they encounter the notoriously flat race course at the Sea Otter Classic in California. Brook breaks out the flat pedals, Neko impresses on his 26 inch World Cup DH Bike, the Session 9.9, and Greg is styling it up, wide eyed, and enjoying his first official race with the team. Sea Otter offers a lot more than racing as the team took time to visit with sponsors, media and also enjoy the amazing Monterey Aquarium. music credits: Song 1 - Heroes Artist - Eastern Midwestern Album - Eastern Midwestern Song 2 - The Focus Artist - Cloudkicker Album - Fade Song 3 - The Focus Artist - Freeky Cleen & Dickey F Album - Breezes Of Old
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Neko Mulally // Making The Positives Steps

Added February 19th, 2013

Neko Mulally has been racing professionally for 4 years and is about to enter his 4th season with Trek World Racing, yet at only 20 years of age he speaks with a wisdom and focus rarely found in champions 10 years older. In this behind the scenes video we learn more about what makes the tall Pennsylvanian tick, and more about the support network he has at home. Enjoy a moment in time with Neko Mulally.
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Trek World Racing DH 2012 || Leogang World Champs

Added November 28th, 2012

Race favorite Aaron Gwin (USA) saw his hopes of taking the World Title this year come to an end around 1min 20secs into his final race run in Leogang, when inexplicably his front brakes failed, resulting in a crash. Shortly after the crash Aaron pumped the brake to try and get some pressure going but it was insufficient to complete the course safely at speed, and he cruised to the line disappointed he was unable to throw down a full race run. After the brake failure, both brakes were sent to Shimano Japan and were thoroughly evaluated by their engineers, and in Norway the results of their findings were revealed to Aaron and his mechanic Monkey. Testing proto-type products, always to the limit and sometimes to failure, is part of the role of modern day professional downhill teams and riders. The timing couldn't have been worse, but the feedback and information gleaned was extremely valuable and all part of the process.
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Trek World Racing DH 2012 || Hafjell

Added October 4th, 2012

As the sole competitor racing for Trek World Racing at the World Cup finals here in Hafjell, Norway, Neko Mulally showed great pace in both qualifying and the final race to demonstrate he's fully recovered from the injuries suffered earlier in the season. Unfortunately a hand injury sustained in practice forced Aaron Gwin out of the event. It was the same hand and injury location as that suffered in Val d'Isere at Round 6, but this time the bone was heavily bruised. Team mate Justin Leov was unable to attend the finals due to the unexpected loss of his best friend James Dodds, a pioneer in New Zealand mountain biking who was being remembered by many of the Kiwi riders here this weekend.
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Pre-Worlds Interview with Aaron Gwin

Added September 1st, 2012

Aaron Gwin talks about racing in the mud, as well as Champéry 2011 and what he thinks about World Champs.
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